Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Chippewa rice harvest

Sherrole Benton of Oneida sent me an email saying that the Sokaogan Chippewa have hand-harvested wild rice available in their store on the Mole Lake Chippewa Reservation. The wild rice was harvested off Bass Lake on their reservation. It was also roasted and winnowed by their wild rice harvesters. It costs $15 per pound. Supply is limited.

“Better get some before it’s all gone,” she said. For information, call (715) 478-7544.

Our family ate well over the weekend. But that's in part because we had more free time to cook and bake.

I made chili using Oneida grass-fed beef hamburger, fresh and home-canned tomatoes, onions, garlic and celery from the farmers market. I subtituted soybeans for canned kidney beans.

My wife made an apple cake using whole-wheat flour and sliced apples. The kids wolfed it down in a day.

On Sunday, she oven roasted a half chicken from Foster's Organic Acres in Little Suamico. It was baked with potatoes, onions, baby squash, rutabaga and carrots.

Breakfasts are my specialty. The kids like waking to the smell of whole-wheat pancakes. They were topped with strawberries (frozen from June). Yesterday I filled a skillet with hash brown potatoes, sausage from Blue Ribbon Meats in Hilbert and eggs over easy.


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