Monday, October 09, 2006

Kids take a day off

On the car ride to Milwaukee for a family wedding on Saturday, I talked with my parents about the local-food challenge and its effect, in particular, on our teen-age daughters. They really didn’t have a decision on it beforehand, so it might be unfair to hold them to it now. My wife and I made the pledge, not them. They’ve joined our “new” food regimen with enthusiasm, and I don’t want them to feel guilty. So I told the girls they had the freedom to decide on their own.

They joined the reception buffet line happily. Olivia was giddy. Lauren was starving.

My wife and I stuck to our commitment and toasted the bridal couple with glasses of Sheboygan milk. Later we got our cooler of food from our car and ate sandwiches in the kitchen. We brought bread from Door County’s Washington Hotel. The caterer told us the cold veggies and cheese were local, so we grazed the buffet for those items.

On Sunday, the girls found local food (including popcorn from Reedsville) at Beans & Barley Market and Café, 1901 E. North Ave., Milwaukee. Today, the whole family’s back on our 100-mile diet. All the food we serve will continue to be local. What our daughters do in their free time is up to them.

“It was just a one-time exception,” Olivia said.


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