Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Last day in the challenge!

Watch for a summary in Wednesday’s Business section about the monthlong challenge. I think our family will continue to eat local after today, but we’ll welcome back some previously taboo foods. I plan to stay up to 12:01 a.m. tonight and raid the kids’ trick-or-treat stash for chocolate goodies.

Norbertine brother Steve Herro, a Green Bay diocesan consultant for social concerns, wrote me an e-mail that he’s working on local food initiatives through rural life ministry and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

“The cost and impact of the energy use alone is a great enough reason to go locally produced,” Herro said. “In a way, it is like buying fair trade coffee, chocolate, and clothes — are we willing to pay extra for consumer choices that are more socially just?”

Herro said he was asked if the Norbertines would consider allowing people to use land around the Abbey for community supported agriculture plots. Dan and Laura Robinson (daniel.robinson@snc.edu) were involved in this in another part of the country in which they lived, he said.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is interested in hearing from any low- income farmers who may be trying to start a community-supported agricultural system that would increase their economic viability and expand farming profits to other farmers involved in community supported agriculture.

Readers can reach Herro at (920) 337-4345 or e-mail him at steve.herro@snc.edu


Blogger rich said...

Thanks so much for taking on this challenge, Mike. It is such an important issue. I have been following your blog and efforts since the start.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Green Bay Press-Gazette said...

Hi Rich:
I appreciate the feedback. There are so many angles to this story I'm not sure what to focus on: health, lifestyle, local economy, business impacts. I think it will generate awareness, so I'll watch for any followup stories in the future.

10:57 AM  

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