Thursday, October 19, 2006

You can grow your own food

Mark LeMere of Hobart e-mailed me about eating local and challenged people “do it themselves.”

His family lives on a few acres near Oneida, raising their own fish, chickens, eggs and the food to feed them.

“I give eggs to a neighbor farmer in exchange for corn and oats as needed. While I don't have the organic certification, we know we beat the requirements. All our hamburger is venision from hunting ( at home, not up north), we heat our house with wood 99 percent of the time,” he said.

Their goal is to take care of themselves. “You can do it on a few acres. If you don't have the real estate, you can barter your goods/services for what you need,” he said.

“Last Friday was a fish fry with bluegills from my pond, and fries made from our potatoes. It doesn't get any better than that. I used to brew beer before kids, and next year I will raise barley and brew again on my own grain.”

His kids sell their eggs for $1 a dozen, far below the $3 a dozen stores charge for organic eggs, and at the same time they learn responsibility and accountability.

“They know that food is more than a store, learn about the value of life and the cycle of life. These are all things that are lacking in today’s schools. I grew up on a dairy farm where I live today and learned many of the same lessons,” he said.


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